The Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies invites you to come and study the ancient art and science of Aromatherapy and Herbalism, to indulge your senses in courses that will awaken you to the beauty and healing powers of the plant kingdom.

We are proud to offer an interactive, comprehensive certification to those desiring hands on training in aromatherapy and herbalism in New England.

These courses are designed to bring both art and science together, to stimulate and inspire while providing practical information and skills for everyday use.

The Institute’s goals are to provide you with the information needed to work with these complementary tools in ways that are both safe and effective.

Learning to make your own herbal, aromatherapy and cosmetic products will enable you to customize and target your creations for specific conditions and ailments. In doing so you will also have control over the quality of your products as well as their safety. You will find it far more cost effective and empowering to produce your own remedies, with fewer concerns for side effects and contraindications.

Only through living things, such as plants and oils can we gain vitality, strengthen the body, and enhance vibrancy.

Please browse our many courses offered below and contact us with any questions regarding classes: aromatherapyandherbalstudies@gmail.com.



2020 – 2021 Schedules

Here are the schedules and locations for the courses offered in 2020. Some courses are offered several times in different locations throughout New England. All registration must be done through those hosting the course. Please contact the location of interest to secure your place within the class. Prior registration is required to ensure adequate materials for all students. There is limited space so please register early to ensure availability. Complete course descriptions are available under appropriate tabs or are listed within course information.

Courses and workshops​​​​​​

Aromatherapy level II offered through The Boston School of Herbals studies
DUE TO COVID – 19 these dates have changed, please make note
June 28th
July 12th
August 9th

Flower Essence making class
For more information please email aromatherapyandherbalstudies@gmail.com

1:00 – 5:00 

August 2nd

Many cultures believe that dis-ease begins as an emotion and if not attended to will manifest physically.  Flower essences allows individuals to work with their blockages eliminating the need for ailments to manifest.

During this workshop participants will learn not only how to make flower essences, but also how to distill the information given by the plants so they can benefit a wide range of people.  All participants will make essences that they can take home.  If you’re feeling stuck, this could be the workshop for you!

This course will be hosted in the magical gardens of Eddie Foisy who is nationally known for his fairy gardens and knowledge of mythology and lore.  I cannot think of a more magical place to commune with flowers and make essences!


Introduction to European Based Aromatherapy Certification

Offered through Blazing Star Herbal School, Conway MA

Visit their Face Book page @blazingstarherbalschool


10:00 – 5:00

September 27th
October 25th
December 13th
January 10th 2021


Introduction to European Based Aromatherapy Certification

Offered through The Boston School of Herbal Studies,

12 Pelham Terrace Arlington, MA

www.bostonherbalstudies.com 781-646-6319

10:00 – 5:00 PM

October 4th
November 22nd
December 20th
January 3rd 2021!


Introduction to European Based Aromatherapy Certification

Offered through Tangled Roots 95 West Pearl St. Nashua NH 

tangledrootsherbal.com (603) 864-8578

10:00 – 5:00PM

October 24th
November 21st
December 19th
January 23rd 2021!


Palmistry as a Tool of Diagnosis

Offered through Tangled roots 95 West Pearl St. Nashua NH 

tangledrootsherbal.com (603) 864-8578

1:00 – 5:00PM

January 9th 2021
January 16th
January 30th